LookaroundAnne: Poplar Road, Solihull
LookaroundAnne: Magistrates Court, Market Street, Newcastle upon Tyne
LookaroundAnne: The Sandwich Weavers, Strand Street, Sandwich, Kent
LookaroundAnne: The Star Hotel, Hall Quay, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk
LookaroundAnne: Bungay Castle, Suffolk
LookaroundAnne: Lighthouse Medical Centre Great Yarmouth
LookaroundAnne: Bungay Suffolk
LookaroundAnne: Castle Lane, Bungay, Suffolk
perth45: Lake District
perth45: Lake District
LookaroundAnne: Bungay Butter Cross Sign
LookaroundAnne: Happy Christmas
LookaroundAnne: Reputed to be the Tomb of Richard Plantagenet, Eastwell, Kent
LookaroundAnne: Christmas Fayre Stall
LookaroundAnne: Church of King Charles the Martyr, Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent
LookaroundAnne: St Michael's Church, Spurriergate, York
LookaroundAnne: The Fleece Inn Bungay
LookaroundAnne: Anna Sewell House, Church Plain, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk
LookaroundAnne: Choir Rehearsal
LookaroundAnne: Magistrates Court, Clifford Street, York
eagle1effi: Adler im Flug - eagle flying - seeadler, white-tailed eagle. Haliaeetus eucocephalus. D5100
LookaroundAnne: The Star Hotel on Hall Quay
LookaroundAnne: Great Yarmouth Christmas Fair
LookaroundAnne: Row 107 Great Yarmouth
LookaroundAnne: No Fish No Future
LookaroundAnne: St Leonards Church, Over Whitacre, Warwickshire
LookaroundAnne: 9 Bank Street, Rugby, Warwickshire
LookaroundAnne: Hastings Castle, East Sussex
LookaroundAnne: Hummingbird Hawk-Moth Mosaic
LookaroundAnne: Outside Walsgrave Road Post Office, Coventry