denisbin: Commodore near Parachilna. Old railway barracks and station south of Parachilna in the Flinders Ranges. The Great Northern Railway to Farina reached here in 1882. It closed in 2017.
xt6kv18: Mannheim, Christuskirche
denisbin: Point Pass. The 1876 Lemke Barossa Valley built pipe organ in use. In the Immanuel Lutheran Church built in 1876.
denisbin: Point Pass Lutheran Church. The interior of this 1876 opened church.
denisbin: Adelaide. The western part of Parliament House built in Kapunda grey marble. Architect of this Greek design with Corinthian columns was by Edmund Wright. Completed in 1889. Eastern wing added 1939.
RubenPascualLopez: Dinan (Francia) - Dinan (France)
denisbin: Adelaide. The old and original parliamenn House of South Australia. Built and opened in 1855 with a single chamber for the Legislative Council. A lower house chamber added in 1857 when bicameral government was granted to the colony.
sandorson: Chinatown (Yaowarat Road)
Dayoff171: Abingdon, Punchbowl (2020)
Peyton Carter: DSC_0132_1 (1)
hansn (5.8+ Million Views): Block Jullen III
kiddphotography16: Lansdowne Road
FlorinC: Inside The Mothership
hansn (5.8+ Million Views): Wrigley Building
RURO photography: Europe - Germany / Bayern - Beieren
Yuri Rapoport: Holyrood Palace
Yuri Rapoport: Holyrood Palace
Yuri Rapoport: Holyrood Palace
Yuri Rapoport: Holyrood Palace
Yuri Rapoport: Holyrood Palace
drugodragodiego: La Rocca in controluce
Saxon Sky: Walberswick Church
mrpb27: Nidarosdommen - Central tower
FlorinC: Blink Don't Blink
Saxon Sky: Southwold
Saxon Sky: Southwold
SomeBlokeTakingPhotos: IMG_9001 County Arcade, Leeds City Centre
neilsonabeel: Schenck and Glenmore Avenues