Wuzbug: Cat by the kitchen window. Ballpoint pen drawing by jmsw on sketch book card.
dasilva artmania: Rhombenwanze / Rhombic leatherbug
ladybumblebee: Armadillo
Enno de Kroon: Lovebirds (white curtain)
Enno de Kroon: Le petit bavard
solangebelon: Thècle de la ronce ou Argus Vert - Callophrys rubi
Manfred Hennessy*: Blue & Yellow Macaw
solangebelon: Dysdère armée - Dysdera crocata
Enno de Kroon: Exhibition De Maaskamer
Enno de Kroon: Exhibition De Maaskamer
tricolorcat: 2 - scurry
solangebelon: Crapaud accoucheur - Alytes obstetricans
Manfred Hennessy*: Ara chloropterus
Con C1: Australian Kookaburra
Tom Bagley: Fortune Smeller
Life Imitates Doodles: Splooting - Postcards for the Lunch Bag
Patti Deters: Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep - Prayer
sushipulla: Dog portrait
Manfred Hennessy*: Red Deer Stag
Simonetto Maurice: Oil Painting
Wuzbug: Ballpoint and graphite pencil by jmsw on thick card
Wuzbug: Ballpoint pen drawing by jmsw with Polychromos pencils colouring on thick card.
Himanshu (Mumbai, India): Akira Yoshizawa Origami Elephant
Mary Jane's TEAROOM: Autumn Knitting ...
believerj316: This was a fun one to do! Watercolor, INKTENSE pencils, and white ink on distressed handmade 100% cotton paper.
Manfred Hennessy*: Who's a Pretty Boy Then?
Wuzbug: Just started, a still life study of a painting by Chardin. Polychromos white pencil drawing by jmsw on black card . To be continued tomorrow in colour.
Enno de Kroon: Exhibition De Maaskamer