walker_danny: Murrell's 1st Mack with 400 & 1st KW with 385 Cat
hotsquirrel: piggyback
walker_danny: Big spec truck and dog setup at Port Kembla
yeahwotever: KW - Kenworth
yeahwotever: Canadian KENWORTH
hotsquirrel: Jones KW- Sunwest
hotsquirrel: Jones KW- Sunwest
hotsquirrel: Port Adelaide Trucking Co- Mack
hotsquirrel: Kenworth with fire truck
quarterdeck888: Churchill
quarterdeck888: Churchill
quarterdeck888: Churchill
Scottyb28: AJM Transport - Kenworth T909
Scottyb28: Toll - Kenworth T610 (55" bunk)
walker_danny: Blue Circle 193
hotsquirrel: Collins lineup at Trappers truck stop Goulburn NSW
hotsquirrel: Deegans KW
hotsquirrel: Kenworth
hotsquirrel: JL Pierce
hotsquirrel: Taipan May20
Scottyb28: Rodney's Transport Services - Kenworth T909
walker_danny: Ex Blue Circle come Pioneer S2 agi and Blue Circle W model
quarterdeck888: McLaughlin Freightlines
quarterdeck888: Damorange
quarterdeck888: Goldsmith
quarterdeck888: Custom Air
hotsquirrel: Marshall- Legend 950 KW
hotsquirrel: KW T909
hotsquirrel: KW T909