tbiley: A Moment To Reflect.
tbiley: Mediterranean.
tbiley: Pinchy.
tbiley: カロリーメイト
tbiley: Grocery Store Sushi.
tbiley: Tito's Tacos.
tbiley: Picocita Guatemala
tbiley: Hand Rolls.
tbiley: Poke Etc.
anu.girish: I love the pleasant surprises life churns out. Here I was grocery shopping for dishes I had planned to make this week and there it was in the un-ubiquitous corner of the aisle rippling its devilish charm... Tender baby mangoes
anu.girish: Anything is possible with sunshine and a glass of rose wine
tbiley: Egg Noodles.
tbiley: Summoning The Devil.
anu.girish: Whiskey and raisins and maple roasted banana popsicles
anu.girish: Drumstick and Raw mango in gambooge and coconut gravy
tbiley: Lamb-Burger.
anu.girish: Sukha puris with masala mint lemonade popsicles
anu.girish: Mango turmeric chia pudding
tbiley: Unagi Bowl.
anu.girish: Mango, passionfruit and raspberry popsicles... Sweet and tart frozen delight from fruit juices and a hint of honey
tbiley: Open-Faced Turkey Sandwich.
anu.girish: Beetroot in yogurt coconut gravy
anu.girish: Meatless Monday lunch scenes
tbiley: Poutine.
anu.girish: Roasted Maple and strawberry with oats
anu.girish: Raspberry beet smoothie
anu.girish: Ice melaka tea
tbiley: Royal Brunch.
tbiley: Churro.
tbiley: Pork Belly Poutine.