Timo_Green: Le 8ème jour
Kalanggaman: LOANDA
Timo_Green: DSC03487
Kalanggaman: DSC03543
Kalanggaman: DSC03608
Kalanggaman: DSC03581
Kalanggaman: DSC03586
the adapted eye: dragonrider
Timo_Green: Fin de journée d'automne
Kalanggaman: DSC03546
Kalanggaman: DSC03552-4
Kalanggaman: DSC03161
Bossman Roger: Square chimney at Magpie Mine
Bossman Roger: Gate to a field of gold
Bossman Roger: Mam Tor View from the top
Kalanggaman: Camouflage
Timo_Green: DSC03511
Kalanggaman: Infinity
Bossman Roger: Almost there!
the adapted eye: new normal
the adapted eye: bright spot
Kalanggaman: DSC03508
the adapted eye: straining
the adapted eye: morning in Vigo
Kalanggaman: DSC03417
Kalanggaman: DSC03421
Kalanggaman: DSC03433
Kalanggaman: DSC03434