@Tuomo: everything ready for winter
S Collins 2011: All at sea.
le monde est à nous: parallelität
Jack-56: _DSF6246 - La pêche aux algues.
Jack-56: _DSF6088 - Looking at the sea.
S Collins 2011: Photobomb
Jack-56: _DSF6142 - Bretagne nord.
Dylan Andersen: I'm Finally Somewhere That I Have To Be
Dylan Andersen: There's Just Something In The Air Up Here
Dylan Andersen: But I've Been Doing Pretty Swell, Been Living Like A King
hobotei: Shinjuku, Tokyo 201910
jbrad1134: Harajuku Girl
wtrogge47: Welcome to Vienna
wtrogge47: Watching You; Watching Me!!
wtrogge47: Time to Walk Along the Danau Kanal
maksimka770: Montreal CQ
Hector Patrick: Great Minds Think Alike?
John Ilko: Roser Memorial Community Church
zimwizdotcom: NW2 in Snow
hobotei: Shinjuku, Tokyo 201910
wtrogge47: Sitting on a Bench, Waiting!! Legs!!
wtrogge47: Stylin!!
maksimka770: Montreal CQ
guido campi: Red Vespa