mcribble: Exmoor4
Langbein Wildlife: Exmoor Red stags with harem during rut
Langbein Wildlife: Wild Exmoor stag in autumn
Langbein Wildlife: Wild Red deer wallowing (1)
Gabriel Smy: Old oak on Haddon hill
Gabriel Smy: View south on the Brendon hills
Gabriel Smy: Chargot Woods in the Brendon hills, Exmoor
Gabriel Smy: View south from Haddon hill
chrisjangeorge: Exmoor Ponies
huw.g.thomas: Haddon hill looking South
huw.g.thomas: Pony Haddon Hill
mcribble: River Lyn
stagenutuk: Robber's Bridge
stagenutuk: Haddon Hill.
chairman.bill: Hoar Oak Water
stagenutuk: In a dark corner of Exmoor lives this little stream.
Nevrimski: Moody Moorland
Nevrimski: Harbour entrance...
chrisjangeorge: Minehead Beach
Nevrimski: Verity - on the harbour..
chrisjangeorge: Watersmeet
edh23: DSC04882
edh23: DSC04682
huw.g.thomas: Ridgeway Cross. Exmoor
huw.g.thomas: St Peter’s Church, Twitchen, Devon
mcribble: River Barle
chrisjangeorge: Exmoor Pony
mcribble: Exmoor5