Chic Bee: Air Turbulence Eddys Visible On Shady Side-2
Chic Bee: Link to 'The Meaning Of Relativity - Princeton May 1921'
Chic Bee: Relativity: The Special and The General Theory by ProfessorAlbert Einstein, PH.D., LL.D.
Chic Bee: Bionic Man <<>> Retraining My Post Cochlear Implant Brain - Albert Einstein's Lectures at Princeton's Advanced Institute on The Meaning Of Relativity
Chic Bee: The Meaning of Relativity: Lecture I
Chic Bee: Albert Einstein's Lectures on Relativity - The Special and General Theory
Joseph Brimacombe: Supernova ASASSN-18mr or Brutus 8284-5 or AT2018cnf or PS15dkt (previous outburst) in 2MASX J23393156-0308565 or PGC 196096 or USNOA2 0825-19993263 Narrowfied C June 14, 2018
Chic Bee: 🌈 Let There Be Light ❣️
Joseph Brimacombe: ASASSN-18fb: A Bright Microlensing Event Away from the Galactic Bulge - March 10, 12, 14 and 16, 2018
Joseph Brimacombe: Supernova ASASSN-18an or Brutus 8101-7 or Brutus 8132-10 or AT2018gl in NGC 3087 or PGC 28796 Narrowfield C - Jan 14, 2018
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Joseph Brimacombe: Probable Supernova ASASSN-17og or Brutus 8066-1 or AT2017hxc in PGC 1038519 or USNOA2 0825-19552787 Narrowfield C - Nov 10, 2017
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