antonè: Tienimi con te, anche in vacanza!!
mark1973r: Random cat
caro-jon-son: Cookie getting the better of Arthur
caro-jon-son: Arthur and Cookie having a wrestle
caro-jon-son: Arthur likes to find a stick
mark1973r: Best buds
The Papa'razzi of dogs: Buddy and the duck
raulmunozh2001: otra de hermanos
mark1973r: Random cat
Logos: The Art of Photography: Louie Discovers the Fountain of Youth - Samsung Galaxy S8
mark1973r: Random cat
♥Adriënne - for peace! -: action...! catch!
caro-jon-son: Arthur loves to swim
caro-jon-son: Arthur making short work of a new toy
mark1973r: Siblings
Matjaž Skrinar: It is Pepsi time!
mark1973r: Scout
mark1973r: Serenity
mark1973r: Chewy
caro-jon-son: Let me play
mark1973r: Katrina
mark1973r: Snuggle time
mark1973r: Cookie
gerard eder: Napoli, Centro Storico
keulefm3: kitten on Bali, Indonesia
mark1973r: Tilly
Ref54: The horse across the road from my mothers house in Bulls New Zealand.
Ref54: The birds (Black Carnaby Cockatoo's)