Rourkeor: Above the waves
Howard Somerville: San Gimignano.
Darrell Godliman: UK - London - Bella_290820_DSC3698 v2 sepia
Nanard VASSEL: Petite bergeronnette grise sous la pluie du dimanche !
street level: Communication Breakdown
Paul den Ouden: The Jervis King
JoonasH-: Frozen River
Dirk Broddin: Winterslag C-mine
MayorPaprika: Your Order? - Bijou Planks 101/365
semi46243: The Old Mill Lodge, Turn Village
Rick Del Carmen: The Open Road And Sky
Gilles Daligand: Lyon - "A donf" dans les pentes de la Croix-Rousse.
Bob Duck: Purple Avenue
hex1952: P5200471 TRUDEAU
NG Photographies: Under the bridge
Alexandre D_: Iris Versicolor
bienve958: Entrada Casa Milà
TwinLotus II: The Garden of Earthly Delights
Isola della Fenice: 101/365 - Sulfuric skies - literally!
ursula.valtiner: Nur jetzt nicht niesen !! / Only don't sneeze now !!
kirstiecat: I Dreamt We Were All Beautiful and Strong
Michael F. Nyiri: Golden Toned Sunrise
This.Usually.Works: Sunset rainbow over the Moselle River
incognito7nyc: Hard Rock Cafe Times Square Paramount Building 1501 Broadway Midtown Manhattan New York City NY P00858 DSC_0963
Andy WXx2009: Come together
josecasado14: AMENAZA TORMENTA