Lostash: LBG Sept 19 - 41
Monique Coulombe: Argiope aurantia - Yellow garden Spider
brucetopher: Sweat Bee (Paralyzed?)
skloi: Bläuling
afafa02: autumn shades
cbrozek21: Mallards (Anas platyrhynchos) and Wood Duck (Aix sponsa). Rio Grande Nature Center, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA.
ninestad: Iris
Bilderschreiber: Trees in Sevilla
roba66: MEXICO, Yucatán , Tabasco, Villahermosa- Parque, 19270
bayernphoto: Lainbach Wasserfall
david1lee2: Yummy, Monte Clare, PA USA
wdeck: P1170064
tez-guitar: Parts
Team Ravenpuff: Up in the Air
valery_pokotylo: A pond in Tereshchenko Park before a thunderstorm. Andrushivka. Zhytomyr region. Ukraine.
k.nanney: MIDGE 1
lady_sunshine_photos: Garden 19.05
mysticislandphoto: Loon on green
rrog035: Caha Mountains
mikeculley591: A13V7745
Monique Coulombe: Papillon Argus bleu - Common blue Butterfly
arransquare: Ever so slowly, they crept up on him....
cébé céline: maïanthème du Canada / Wild lily-of-the-valley
superhic: Summer Dream...
Yongi Ng: Anarrhotus Male with a nice reddish abdomen 01
k.nanney: VICEROY 8
jasamataz: Farewell Kisses of the Setting Sun
glimpsesborrowed: Moving in to inspect the packs
LarryJ47: Privileged moment DSC04726
Irene2727: Raise your words, not voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder. ~~Rumi