GS Bird Photography And More: Curlew In The Moorland Mist
notaflag: Man with White Hair
Frieda Spirit: Synchronised reading
ms.gulbis: Walkway to the sea. (Jun 15, 2020)
Bryan Appleyard: Defended Homes, Snettisham
Phil R Berry: Guggenheim.
Tony Roman Photography: Leicaflex SL2
and-reas: inliner fun
pierrelanoe75: Piter
Marc Nikonis: Au boulot
markus364: wet wheel
Joe Son of the Rock: Helensburgh Cemetery
Neil. Moralee: 138 Days In Britain
^Rodinal^: Seventy Acre Plantation
sarrajaoui13: auguste
MBartlettPhotography: "Give me a sista, I can't resist her. Red beans and rice didn't miss her."
Leanne Boulton: Diamond Geezer
Paulides: G a l a t a T o w e r
uwenberger: Stadthafen
JeroBau: Club sandwich
Plodicus: Firetree.
Ulrik Christiansen: Monastery in Denmark
Teodora Motateanu: Taitua Arboretum, Waikato NZ