wa2wider: I Had To Sneak Up On Him
Fossil Light Images: Celebration
jsunpettit: Earth Aperture
Fossil Light Images: Larger Than Life
jsunpettit: Escape is at Hand
Janette Baillie: Shadows and Light
Fossil Light Images: The Gathering
wa2wider: Waiting On The Evening Bite
jsunpettit: Clash at Dawn
Fossil Light Images: The Reveal ll
jsunpettit: Frozen Wave
Fossil Light Images: Order Within Disorder
wa2wider: Somewhere Deep In The Park
jsunpettit: Winter Theatre
Janette Baillie: Blue Hour Grand Bend Beach
maureen.elliott: Tread Carefully
maureen.elliott: Dappled Sunlight
jsunpettit: Midgard
Fossil Light Images: In Winter Training ll
Fossil Light Images: In Winter Training
maureen.elliott: Real Winter
Janette Baillie: Winter Sunset Reflections
jsunpettit: The Verge
maureen.elliott: A Small Scene Captured
wa2wider: Wawa Ontario Snowmobiling
jsunpettit: Mirror, Mirror