Puddle Reflection, Level Crossing, Clara Vale, Tyne And Wear, England.
Reintje en Foekie: Nijenhuis Castle Unesco World Heritage Site, Lake District National Park, Building REflection, Lodore Falls, Cumbria England.
paul graunke: Sunrise at the mouth of the Monocacy River
paul graunke: Early morning at the Monocacy River Aqueduct Reflective Building, Chicago, Illinois, United States Of America.
Noia: Rain 24 Milano
Reintje en Foekie: Gedser, Denmark
Reintje en Foekie: Copenhagen, Nyhavn
johnscratchley: Mates Return
letang.gilles: Saumur, Pays de la Loire, Maine-et-Loire
U-ichiro1003: I'm existing in the mirror.
RobRovira: Los Angeles after dark
RobRovira: Los Angeles after dark
areffess59: Canada-P1030979
areffess59: Canada-P1030976
Noia: Rain 23 Milano
johnscratchley: Looking Up Reflection. Voronezh, Russian Federation.
johnscratchley: Reflections on Glass and Steel
U-ichiro1003: Special hour Water Reflection, Photograph Taken From Onboard A Felucca, River Nile, Egypt.
Reintje en Foekie: Zwolle by night