Dave Whatt: Pithy words on a brick. 1990s
brancusi7: Jabbadabbadoo: The Naked Kiss Homage
Dave Whatt: Pizzas etc... 2019.
Dave Whatt: This is not art. No. 40.
erwan 2949: uno de los fantasmas de la Alhambra de Granada
Dave Whatt: Mail Art Postcard. No. 4649.
Dave Whatt: Some numbers and a chap. 2019.
brancusi7: We're Were Brothers In Abandonment (tamed)
Dave Whatt: Decalcomania monoprint 2010.
Dave Whatt: Social comment. (Scanned 35mm slide.)
Madelaine Peres: IMG-20190516-WA0025
Madelaine Peres: IMG-20190510-WA0022
Dave Whatt: Information 1954.
Madelaine Peres: mmmm42-17-188
Dave Whatt: Mail Art Postcard No. 4767.
captain.flam2: Soulages
Dave Whatt: This is Not Art. No. 39.
brancusi7: The Secret Tapestry Life Of René Magritte
Groovyal: IMG_6200 a
Groovyal: Signal Overlap
Groovyal: Riverside
Dave Whatt: Mail Art Postcard. No. 4725.
erwan 2949: L'amour est un oiseau rebelle que nul ne peut apprivoiser
Dave Whatt: Spatter Painting No. 41. (2015)
Dave Whatt: 1950s Illustration.
Dave Whatt: This is Not Art. No. 38.
Van Pelt1: Nazi Swine
brancusi7: Rediscovered Large 1980's Series Drawing