Cribs71: Soof 7 months old
tanman2: Yellow-rumped Warbler
colinbristow: Two seat Spitfire
tanman2: House Finch
tanman2: Red-winged Blackbird
Barb D'Arpino Photography: Who doesn't love corn on the cob
E.W. Smit Wildlife: 1DX30122 View Large. Not the greatest but my first one ever. Bewick's Wren. Backyard Corona California
E.W. Smit Wildlife: 1DX30079 View Large. Female House Finch. Backyard, Corona, California
photocat001: Bike Antics on Ft. Lauderdale Beach
philgir: Martin-pêcheur d'Europe (Alcedo atthis - Common Kingfisher)
tanman2: Red-winged Blackbird
Lama-Suma: Röd Glada Red Kite
Bruce Adler: BEA_0181B
E.W. Smit Wildlife: 1DX30054 View large. Best I can get today. Through the front yard fence. Dark-eyed Junco. Corona, California
Karol Morar: Lakšárska Nová Ves
Karol Morar: Autumn depression
Karol Morar: Electric Fence
Mr Mo-Fo: City Of Exeter
Mr Mo-Fo: P-51D Miss Helen Information Panel
言正: 小綠鳩
Jimmy Huang: dazzling
tanman2: Gray Catbird
MPE Photography: Faculté des Sciences Historiques, Université de Strasbourg
Bob Howell RE: Red Deer