Shutter Bug Brent: The Needles For The Haystack Monochrome
Shutter Bug Brent: Claretcup Monochrome
A Scotsman in Kent: Group huddle.
Tinpixels: Fords
Shutter Bug Brent: Calico Hedgehog Monochrome
Bytormsa: Hammond Water Towe
cresswellclive: Manchester in the damp.
.KiLTЯo.: Il giorno come sempre sarà
romeos115: Beautiful tree
romeos115: My mummy
Tinpixels: A on the road
A Scotsman in Kent: 2019-12-06_04-07-33
Shutter Bug Brent: Teddy-bears A Plenty
Shutter Bug Brent: The Grade Into Nelson BW
A Scotsman in Kent: A cold and frosty morning.
Dominic Scott Photography: Whakatane River Mouth
martincarlisle: Fraser River
.KiLTЯo.: Prove yourself
.KiLTЯo.: Cruza el amor yo cruzaré los dedos
cresswellclive: I'm just one of many.
yves62160: 2019 09 18_3526-copie_ L'orangerie
Tinpixels: 1925 Packard
romeos115: You will be towed if you do not follow the rules...see arrow
yves62160: 2019 09 18_3525- L'orangerie
Tinpixels: 1955 Corvette
A Scotsman in Kent: Night light.
candrush: _DSC3066a1