gerardcoyne41: strolling
sadebudy: landscape with 2 swans and 2 roe deers
sadebudy: wild goose
sandro349: At the Oasis
sadebudy: trznadel // Emberiza citrinella
corax71: FS Premier-Maître L'Her F792
sadebudy: just before landing
stonefaction: Posing.
stonefaction: Just Surfaced.
stonefaction: We Are Family.
Nephentes Phinena ☮: Basket-Flo - Explored 12. October 2020
sadebudy: kląskawka zwyczajna // Saxicola rubicola
sadebudy: nice view
sadebudy: posing
sadebudy: głowienka zwyczajna // Aythya ferina
Brake Fಌr Nature ~ On Lifes Highway: SOMETIMES YOU JUST NEED TO PAUSE
corax71: BNS Leopold I (F930)
paul_appleyard: Windsor Great Park 8 October 2020 008
corax71: USNS Medgar Evers T-AKE-13
corax71: HDMS Triton F358
edk7: RCAF McDonnell Douglas CF-18B Hornet two-seater - Toronto Pearson..
edk7: Air Canada Boeing 767-375ER, C-GEOU - Toronto Pearson
edk7: Sailboat race - Humber Bay, Lake Ontario, off Colonel Samuel Smith Park, Toronto.
sadebudy: three young swans
corax71: NRU Asterix
sadebudy: wilde geese // dzikie gęsi
sadebudy: dziwny pies // strange dog :)
corax71: HMCS Halifax FFH-330