tomaldassg: Shade
tomaldassg: I am not a jocked
tomaldassg: Busyness
chicos54: Silhouette mésange
freemanphoto: bergamo uppercity silhouette
Traud: IMG_1770 Sunset / Sonnenuntergang
lewi1553: Light up the darkness
Traud: P1140601 Loipl im Berchtesgadener Land
johnbell18: Stardust Dance September
sirenamediterranea: A glimpse of magic
Traud: IMG_4905 Window with Flowerchildren
lewi1553: Forth rail bridge
lewi1553: Forth rail bridge
Traud: P1130753 Sunset / sonnenuntergang / Kräne
freemanphoto: my 1st 2019 sunrise silhouette
jimchillo: -Winter is not a season, it's an occupation. Sinclair Lewis
Vijesh Kannan: Threshed sunlight !
Traud: P1130663 Sunset / Sonnenuntergang
jimchillo: It was a calm afternoon not even a breeze. Hiking and exploring the dunes along Jones inlet. I was able to take this beautiful long exposure. Hope you enjoy this image.
jimchillo: -dreaming of warmer sunsets
funkydeez2000: Coilz
freemanphoto: Garda lake - sunset
funkydeez2000: A sad day at the woodland burial ground
freemanphoto: soft sunset silhouette