gonepterix: Canards Cols verts - Mallards -
** Janets Photos **: Composition for Armistice Day ...
Nick Kenrick.: The garden is bewildered
studio gimi: papillon blanc
Monika Müthing: Last Day of the Year V
Van dorne Galleries: my rose died leaving a tender scent of love
bert • bakker: Two Cows near the Sea
gonepterix: Vanneaux Huppés
Jean-Daniel David: Rouge-gorge_30
Monika Müthing: Night Flight
Jean-Daniel David: Anax Empereur 32
Darek Drapala: autumn leaves
Jazz Sandoval: Flor. 03. Valencia, noviembre 2017.
♥Adriënne - for peace! -: blinded by the light
Monika Müthing: Last Day of the Year VIII
angelspayson: 5-25-2019 NM Botanical garden-13a
gonepterix: Vanneau Huppé
rumerbob: Orchids Pink & White.
Christina's World : On & Off: Still Life With Fruit
lil.ly: vecchio ginepro
quelbosch: _QBF2384
quelbosch: _QBF2351
Monika Müthing: Winter is calling
Jazz Sandoval: Hora azul. Tahiche, noviembre 2012.
gonepterix: Bécasseaux
Jean-Daniel David: Pinson des arbres_40