_RETSEK: WEC Spa-Francorchamps 2019 - Bruised and battered
yeahwotever: Boot Fail #2.
aaron_anderer: 04Aug2018-DuctTapeBot-P1030286
Les Fisher: Personal Footwear!
Mister.Marken: < duct tape >
mudsharkalex: IMG_8536
Gamma Man: Broken Taillight
Gamma Man: Duct Tape Fix
Lotterhand: Another use for duct tape
ozonetraveler: Barbie's Duct Tape Hatbox
Vintage and Cool Car/Truck/Train Pics: Duct taped 1978 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am in Barnaby, British Columbia
twm1340: Low Bidder Auto Body
_RETSEK: WEC Nürburgring 2017 - Asian power
_RETSEK: WEC Nürburgring 2017 - So long champions
good_on_feet: More or less useful things thrown, shoes, wellies
cogdogblog: If Pioneers Only Had Duct Tape
_RETSEK: ELM Silverstone 2017 - Number 77
Beneath Night's Cloak: Paisley 223/365
_RETSEK: Nürburgring 24H 2017 - Bear
EconGuy76: 20170530_205113
bluebird87: gorilla duct tape on shovel / to repair broken handle
Charlie Wambeke Photography: Duct taped car bumper in Home Improvement Store parking lot 170530-150917 C4
Dave Shaver: rear end duct tape repair
bdeskin: Duct tape
Hardly-Art: DSCF8893
scottamus: OH Cleveland - Duct Tape Elephant
_RETSEK: ELMS Silverstone 2017 - Reflecting the sun
w_flowers2000: Duct tape!
w_flowers2000: 2017-02-07_02-18-15
Nigel Smuckatelli: The "duct tape special" at Daytona 1971