Simon W. Photography: NMA. Aug 2019. Hand
Simon W. Photography: Flowers In The Rain. Sept 2019
tuvidaloca: lens plus body, crop (study)
ExceptEuropa: 17-Mile Drive
Mark Somerville.: Bench at Dust
Nephentes Phinena ☮: Light Shadow Red
melmark44: Nine Watercolors
Elliott Steel: We went to the London Aquarium
shin ikegami: This work is 2/12 works taken on 2019/7/30
shin ikegami: This work is 12/12 works taken on 2019/7/28
Bartek Rozanski: 20190705-Canon EOS M5-8867
Simon Caplan: A Slight Detour?
Mr Winegettr: Around Nine
a.pierre4840: From Kowloon City ferry pier
Mark Somerville.: 37/52 - I can see for miles and miles
Ron and Co.: Flaxen meadow
Marco Buccelli: canneberges in motion
Marco Buccelli: tunnel of love
CONTROTONO: the dawning of the day before
tuvidaloca: Common hollyhock (study)
shin ikegami: This work is 4/12 works taken on 2019/7/28
Nathan_Arrington: Steinberg Garden 205
a.pierre4840: Molten vice
Jovelphoto: E2-E4
Sebastien Vermande (Only the Weekend): Heart of magnolia flower - Coeur de fleur de magnolia
karma (Karen): HSoS ~ Pretty in Pastel
Nephentes Phinena ☮: Painting Grass