Ted_Roger_Karson: January 21, 2021 Waxing Gibbous Illumination: 56% IMG_6870
Anymouse02: Dreams of Summer
DeeDee Gollwitzer: Osprey with Mullet
Andrew Hocking Photography: P O R T H C O T H A N - R E T R E A T
DeeDee Gollwitzer: Wild Peregrine Falcon Devouring Her Prey on the Beach
Atascaderocoachsam: Catch Of The Day
morroelsie: Blue-gray Gnatcatcher
morroelsie: Long-billed Curlew
morroelsie: Intense
morroelsie: Red-shouldered Hawk
davygenney: Grey squirrel
morroelsie: Getting to Know My Fellow Hiker
Anymouse02: Ice-2
Atascaderocoachsam: King Tide and Big Waves= Elephant Seal Drama
DeeDee Gollwitzer: Peregrine Raising Talon
morroelsie: Top Management- Lots of Green
morroelsie: Work Force-not much green
Anymouse02: Winter Flowers
Richard Liebert: Crystal Springs Farm
Richard Liebert: Beech Glen Farm
Andrew Hocking Photography: R O C K - S E R P E N T
Atascaderocoachsam: Happy Wood Duck
Andrew Hocking Photography: K I B E R I C K - C O V E
Andrew Hocking Photography: T R E S I L L I A N - L A Y E R S
morroelsie: Yosemite, because we can't right now
marlin harms: Multicolored Intertidal Wall
morroelsie: Giving Me the Eye
Andrew Hocking Photography: D O M I N E E R I N G