avempace2: IMG_3535
ᗰᗪOᗰ_Photography: Rose d'autunno
情事針寸II: Magic Fire Meopta Openar 80mm F 2.8
janter2: Roses
The Julia: Golden
情事針寸II: Factory Girl Tele-Xenor 75mm F 3.8
karma (Karen): HSoS ~ Floriography
59ling: Roae (Apricot Nectar) Sunset
SHAN DUTTA: Irresistible layes of pink!
karma (Karen): Mono Rose & Bokeh
Feathers in the Wind: Lens :7artisans 55mm f1.4
Wolfgang Bazer: Rosa 'Virgo'
karma (Karen): still some summer hanging on
Matsumoto59: IMG_0127m
tombrewster6154: DSCN2151
Marie du 35.: Une rose perdue... Dans les bambous du jardin.
saliamedj: Rose d'automne
avempace2: IMG_1510
情事針寸II: Ramat-Gan Meopta Openar 80mm F 2.8
karma (Karen): Things are lookin' Rosy....
mariamwilliams123: Raindrops on Roses
mariamwilliams123: Raindrops on Roses
Steenjep: In center
hlnjicgh77: Ti sogno Andrea
hlnjicgh77: Persa nel bosco
hlnjicgh77: Le belle
hlnjicgh77: Soffio
hlnjicgh77: Il disegno e la rosa
hlnjicgh77: Bella d'Autunno
MJ Harbey: Yellow rose # 1