cupitt1: Waterfront
japanese forms: • numbers • zahlen • getallen • ( ■ 7 6 )
frantisim: Something is missing
B__E__G: "I giovani d'oggi"
Peter.Bartlett: Brighouse 018
cams-not-in-lux: Couple taking Pictures
cams-not-in-lux: Passazh
jo_ces: Fenêtre
avawoodworth: at a park
jo_ces: Expo naviguateurs
G.Grisel: _GG28032
Milan Cvetanovic: Belfast Child
michaelhertel: Good old Heidelberg
chipje: Mother on the run
FButzi: rainy days
Tu i tam fotografia: Foggy avenue - Chorzów 2019
streetspirit13: We had a wonderful spring, but summer is over and we missed the fall. All of a sudden, it's cold, so cold that everything starts to freeze.
alicejack2002: Show Apartments
alicejack2002: St Paul's
Franck's: Les autres
geigerwe: CH Adventszeit 18 in Zürich
geigerwe: CH Adventszeit 18 in Zürich
Hervé Ramboz: DSC_7782_DxO
Lanpernas .: ... Noviembre 2019 ...
william.purcell: Bucharest - in a popular neighbourhood