jfan8888: Leek Flower
Rafael Gomez - http://micamara.es: flores Isla de La Gomera 0295
Sleepy Hedgehog: Artichoke
secretsoftheheart: Don't think of what once was, but of the beauty that still remains.
Mel Gray: Bright-clivia_DSC1083
angelacappella: Rose... la serenità...
bighadur: small_flower-139
goethesbrille: Sunflower 🌻
a.michels1988: Lovely Place
gileshodges: flower_red_white_petunias_2
bkkay1: Begonia.
Davidgee2008: 200920 Hyacinth - 1
oldimageshoppe: IMG_0012 Another Day in the Sun
charlottefrance-sargeant: pretty little yellow flower
lckoch61: Bright Macro Flower
luv_blu_ridge: arboretum_5574
kris__q: Leaf
lckoch61: Macro Flower
gileshodges: tomatoes
Matsumoto57: P9131019
Matsumoto57: P9131011
lckoch61: Abstract Tropical Flower
C K Davies: The last rose of summer
Viv......Thanks for views, comments & favs: Pretty twin Scaphyglottis orchids
Veronika Andrews: Pink Roses Bookey flower
danniepolley: Amshire, Massachusetts, USA