Irene2727: “There is no painting without drawing and there is no shape without line ... in the end all images can be reduced to lines.” ― El-Sahali
Kasqué: In Other Times
Ebroh: Tiller - Kanak Beach Village part of Bastille Festival
Kasqué: Traces VI
Kasqué: All Things Considered
Kasqué: Go Your Own Way
Anandamide: Sacred Gardens #6
Ebroh: Ornamental cabbage, Brassica oleracea, leaf
Ebroh: MS Spirit of Tasmania I in Captain Cook Graving Dock
Ebroh: Bastille Festival temptations, Dutch Poffertjes
Tony Tooth: RoadSpring
GarSham: _7160040.jpg
zapperthesnapper: No escape from a fishy demise...!
IN2UT: fenster tree flower
IN2UT: weis is white
IN2UT: hedge
IN2UT: Shadow on corn silo- I live in Indiana
IN2UT: so much for the past.
maximorgana: nou can misuko
GarSham: Light Art on a Wall
Lindsay.Buchel: Cobweb Collector
beelzebub2011: Mean Streets
DSM888: water textures crop
Darek Drapala: the wall 2
Anandamide: Nebrós #6
Red Nomad OZ: Rocks and Riverbeds, Anna Creek Painted Hills, South Australia
Ebroh: Chooh La La!!! (French praline) Bastille Festival