Don White (Burnaby): Geometric Abstract
-dubliner-: swan searching
dannyhennesy: Degenerated Art Abstract Painting (work in progress) (WIP) and Episode 2 of Café FrequentersIMG_0022 (1)
Jane Statham - spuddie7: We've lost South & East!
Anandamide: Cognitive Method #65
GarSham: A Hole Lot Of Nothing
billpan45: Tears at an Intersection
andressolo: Riversidest
Emmanuelle2Aime2Ailes: Le premier enfer 海地獄
JLC Photography Spokane,WA: Put On A Happy Face....
Zandgaby: Woven lamp - layers for MM
Ebroh: Yoda, Jedi Master
bartholmy: Brunftkampf der Buchstaben / Two Nos Locking Their Antlers
GarSham: I’m Slowly Fraying
dannyhennesy: Splatter abstract 3d painting and first episode of the Café Frequenters IMG_0001
kong niffe: skulptur
Ebroh: Floating
Ebroh: Mangrove reflections
Ebroh: Fortress Australia
klauslang99: A Tree
Rg Sanders: Blister
Howard Narvaez: Day 131 - Light Fade To Black
Anandamide: Untitled