jane.statham: On The Building Site.
jane.statham: Spreading Out.
Pavel M: Memory Imprint, Changdeokgung Palace, Seoul, September 2019 EM11922
beelzebub2011: Ice Bridge
Ebroh: Arboreal termite, Nasutitermes walkeri, nest
Rafferty Wolfe: Father, it is me, I am back
Howard J Duncan: Metonyms
henrimox: selfi steno1119 ps
bartholmy: Europa (erster Entwurf) / Europe (first draft)
Repp1: The Digital Infra-apparitional Spirit Camera
Anandamide: The fly that wanted to become a bird - At Sunrise #22
Mondmann: Crushed Cans
billpan45: That First Frost Will Really Curl Your Hostas
Ebroh: BINGO Isuzu garbage compactor truck
Ebroh: Metro station construction
Sara Baldvinsdóttir: Abstract Flowers
Sara Baldvinsdóttir: Abstract Flowers
andressolo: Family Tree
flickr flame: Drug Explosion
flickr flame: Your Brain on Drugs
flickr flame: Twisted Tubes
flickr flame: Drug Diversity
flickr flame: Psychedelic Glass
ilovekongfu: 2019.11.12 Abstract (phonetography)
Ebroh: Not quite on top mast of Brigantine 'Søren Larsen' yet
spratpics: Skeletal