mercurylaser2012: A new Venus day.
HenriRoger1: PiXXXLS 2001
jjamwg: Joan on the Move
Lancs & Yorks: Ghost Train
Lea Donoso: Intersecting lines
stu ART photo: Reflected Ferris Wheel
gsikich1: Made on Earth By Humans
Sanda_77: The call of the sea
Claude Germain: Sacrifice quotidien
lechecce: 20-215
beatrixguballa: Museumsbesuch unter Corana
reinhard hueter: Pfütze mit Stahl
alfrd p: ABG_200412_10
muted ordinary: The last leaf
roma abrantes: Chicago (V)
Georgette Céleste: In every spin, a new face wrapped as a surprise
leo.roos: Wild waterère: 157/366: the shape of mid-afternoon
Eric LESUR: Reflets7
juergen-herbel: are we human or are we dancer
ppanek511: The Shipyard
Jaroen: Flowers - sage maw
andrefromont: L'extérieur vu de l'intérieur, forte averse
Richard Mouser: Steam & Sulfur
pastadimama: The dying swan
olivieri_paolo: IMG_8841 (3)