marinachi: glass beads on mirror
Adaptabilly: Working the surface
Richard Denney: Dia de Muertos 2019 La Villita San Antonio
taylorconcepts1960: Cosmic Watch
ashokboghani: Blue wave
annie.cure: Abstract Mind
Howard J Duncan: Acoustic
Steve.D.Hammond.: Policing The Boundaries Between Reality And Imagination.
the ripped bystander: twilight at the peat bog
Enzag: Análisis desclasificado
Angeles M: Abstract
evolution of ray: shore life
sprcubi: luoghi comuni
claredlgm1: the meeting point
Neko! Neko! Neko!: autumnal whispers
pastadimama: Veggie fish
Susan Walker QP: 48914062_10155767021561123_2463802517562064896_n 72
sopty: WP_14
yoyomaoz: Abstract Figures at the Water Wall 2
marnero43: Stop and listen
Stanislawski 2011: Rain, darkness, red light, a person / Regen, Dunkelheit, rotes Licht, ein Mensch
fiddlerswild: Wave Patterns Porthcawl 2
Lisette-R Art & more ♥: Beyond the orange border
Simaron: Trees & Loch
Giulia.Baierle: me lembrou uma música: "...meu amor não será passageiro. te amarei de janeiro a janeiro, até o mundo acabar..."
yakkay43: newspaper,usually issued daily or weekly,...?
**wieske**: on the way home
Hilarywho: conflict of interest