spotwolf5: Dust devil in Great Divide Basin, Wyoming.
spotwolf5: On the Navajo Reservation, Arizona, near US 191
spotwolf5: In the Dragoon Mountains
Bob Symes: Yellowstone NP
Traveller-Reini: Nevada - Las Vegas: Monorail station WESTGATE @ Paradise Road - view to downtown Vegas
Traveller-Reini: Nevada - Las Vegas: Intersection of the Strip and Sahara Avenue - in the background the skyline of downtown Las Vegas
spotwolf5: The Dragoon Mountains. Arizona
FeVa Fotos: Amya Whelan, World Hoop Dance Finalist
Art-by-Bart (B.Stegman): Lustrous copper butterfly (Lycaena cuprous)
spotwolf5: Along the San Rafael River in southeast central Utah.
Gay In Spandex: Massage Parlor Nipton California
Art-by-Bart (B.Stegman): Camping in the early 1950's
Gay In Spandex: Madely Family Portrait
spotwolf5: Up the left fork of Sheets Gulch in Capitol Reef.
Twin waters energy: Taco Pump supplier
Art-by-Bart (B.Stegman): How to spin a web
John Parrish: Tundra country
spotwolf5: On the Chimney Rock Trail. Capitol Reef National Park
spotwolf5: In Grand Wash. Capitol Reef National Park
Art-by-Bart (B.Stegman): View from the top
spotwolf5: In Lower Muley Twist Canyon. Capitol Reef National Park