macdelou: éléphant bw -5032
alrojo09: Nieve | Somosierra | Madrid | HDR
Atodog: Grey Ships on a grey day
foxxyg2: 2539hb Autumn in Halki (1)
♥Adriënne - for peace! -: ashes to ashes...
macdelou: camargue bw-2
ketsada UNs: sunset view in my room !!
AlbertMu7: Autumn's corner
rienschrier: New day....
macdelou: camargue -9093
foxxyg2: B5D_0622hb Derelict and Overgrown
Dianne Latimer: Pennytown ponds
alfonsocarlospalencia: La Veracruz (Segovia)
mmbottrop: Herbst Pflanze
macdelou: camargue -8544
alrojo09: La Casa de las Conchas | Salamanca | HDR
Cédric Mayence Photography: The Schellemill of Damme (BE)
Gislaadt Art: Tchin tchin
anibrm jung: Set them Free!
rienschrier: Lucky day.....
macdelou: camargue -0396
paulinpascal: Charly s’ennuie au bureau ......
mmbottrop: Herbstwald
♥Adriënne - for peace! -: the overwhelming
macdelou: camargue -4532
Jesús 56: Cambria
anibrm jung: My Sweethearts - Builder JIAN
macdelou: lionne bw-1951
Logos: The Art of Photography: Magic Mushroom (not) - Canon EOS M (2012) and Fotodiox EOS-EOS M adapter with Canon EF-S 55-250mm 1:4-5.6 IS STM (EOS Mount)