Matthew Robie: "Clinchfield 3632 North, Clear North End of Dante"
LSallee: Union Pacific Big Boy, Mason City IA
Kingmoor Klickr: On the Charge
4486Merlin: Long Day Out
4486Merlin: Travelling Lunch
4486Merlin: Rimington Express
Kingmoor Klickr: The Power and the Glory
LSallee: Union Pacific Big Boy, Garden City IA
SomeBlokeTakingPhotos: IMG_5172 Great Central Railway
Chris Baines: Standing room only at York
4486Merlin: Typical
4486Merlin: Brit at the Paddock
Trevor Sokolan: Evening Switcher
sdl39hogger: Heading Home
LSallee: Union Pacific Big Boy, Nevada IA
jamesbelmont: Thank You, Mother Nature
appearances can be deceptive: Crossing the river Kent.
appearances can be deceptive: SBB C 5/6 2978 in Gorgier-St-Aubin (CH), 1990.
std70040: Leaving Loughborough
KD Rail Photography: TVRM 100 at Chattanooga, TN
Matthew Robie: Deuces Wild
4486Merlin: Summer Jubilee
4486Merlin: High Jubilee
jamesbelmont: Surprise at Garibaldi
appearances can be deceptive: MÁV 324.1567 in Kitérögyár (H), 1977.
appearances can be deceptive: MÁV 375.671 bij Mátraballa (H), 1977.
SomeBlokeTakingPhotos: IMG_1930 Barrow Hill Roundhouse
CSXT2558: WTNN T93 @ Jackson
CSXT2558: NRTX 159 @ Martha