Allan Hopkins: Little Auk / Dovekie (Alle a. alle) cannareccione _ Acrocephalus arundinaceu
Roger Hickey: King Rail
jschort10: Breda and surroundings
Merrillie: Square-tailed Kite flying in the blue sky
tonydawe1: White-Rumped Shama Kittacincla{Malabarical} Malabanica
SaffyH: Great Spotted Woodpecker, Haslingden, Rossendale
justL1209: It's Better to Have ONE in a Bush
NiBe60: Waiting for the parents
Ioan BACIVAROV Photography: The swan from Zurich lake
Jan de Neijs Photography: Knobbelzwaan - Nieuwe Waterweg - Hoek van Holland
cienne45: The little blackbird
Sue-10: Look at me - 2 !
NiteOwl>: Caterpillar Lunch
grannie annie taggs: Lunchtime for kookies
Fred Roe: Spring flurry
eric-d at Project 2020 - Little Owl
dirk huijssoon: Moorhen : Just out of their eggs , sitting on a waterlily leaf...
yvescourt123: Paruline Masquée !
Alain-46: Loriot d'Europe femelle - Oriolus oriolus - Eurasian Golden Oriole - Pirol - Oropéndola Europea - Rigogolo
Vasco VALADARES: Frango-d’água, Water rail (Rallus aquaticus)
Teruhide Tomori: A small visitor on the bench
Ric Seet.: Toucan
Clement Tang *: Mr Galah: There's an itch . . .
Ric Seet.: Blue Bellied Roller
Loïc Le Comte: Sterne pierregarin - Common Tern (Sterna hirundo) - Décines-Charpieu - La Droite (Rhône) France, le 22 juin 2020
NaturePhocus: Beautiful soaring Osprey
johnatkins2008: Peregrine Falcon ( juvenile ) 24/06/20.