quarterdeck888: Don Watson
hilifta: Kenworth, Halls
Michael Cereghino (Avsfan118): Koolhaas Trucking Kenworth K100, Truck# 8401
quarterdeck888: Kenworth
quarterdeck888: Alliance
quarterdeck888: Thompsons
secret squirrel6: classic Cabover Kenworth at Castlemaine
bigcam72: I drove this at Mcnaughts when I was doing a bit part time.
quarterdeck888: Meat Movers
secret squirrel6: Kenworth at Stawell
Stedwill Imaging: Shiny start to the week 👌
quarterdeck888: Richards
quarterdeck888: Don Watson Transport
quarterdeck888: Browns Slipways
hilifta: Kenworth, PGF
hilifta: Kenworth, Central Transport Ltd
quarterdeck888: Robinsons
Bernud Barnwell-Tasmania: Kenworth fully laden cattle truck coming down Blackall Range at Landsborough QLD, extremely slowly.
hilifta: Kenworth, Troy Slater
quarterdeck888: Kenworth Cabover
The WI Diesel Ranch: area fifty one
Bernud Barnwell-Tasmania: Kenworth in the wet at Trangie NSW