yulia.longo: Pre-raphaelite sister
Bonnetmaker: How the Pope turned into wood shavings
yulia.longo: Lunaria
Bonnetmaker: The Art of Deniability
_Rael: Non è cosa da tutti
Bonnetmaker: The Butcher & the young Raleigh (details)
mathieustern: le moine maudit
mathieustern: Fantome
mathieustern: le moine et le crane
mathieustern: le moine lumineux
shadow_in_the_water: Monna Vanna by Dante Gabriel Rossetti
shadow_in_the_water: The Beloved by Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Tate Britain
SomniumDantis: Ophelia
Pagoo!: Edward Burne-Jones, Baronne Madeleine Deslandes, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne.
Bonnetmaker: Millais' Allusions
Bonnetmaker: Henry Holiday and the Bonnetmaker
Bonnetmaker: Henry Holiday
Bonnetmaker: Henry Holiday's depiction of the Broker in Lewis Carroll's "The Hunting of the Snark"
Cheyberpunk!: 'SEASON OF THE WITCH!' {with hidden Ethyl & hidden Fiend!}
Bonnetmaker: From Horses to Herbs (4)
Bonnetmaker: Lacing Pillow
SomniumDantis: April Love.
Bonnetmaker: The Bard & The Vanishing
Bonnetmaker: Lorenzo's Brother
londonconstant: P1000661 The Pre-Raphaelites, Tate Britain
londonconstant: P1000660
londonconstant: P1000653
londonconstant: P1000674 The Pre-Raphaelites, Tate Britain