splinx1: October 24, 2020
splinx1: Reflections in a Golden Cap
Flickr Goot: The Hunter
JdRweb: Benijo: Roques de Benijo and Roques de Anaga
splinx1: Wild Twilight Yonder
This.Usually.Works: If you lived in Rome
Martin Hrablik: Museum Červený Kameň
Peter I. Fifield Photography: Dyckman and Sherman
atgc_01: Crescent Moon
arthuralex: IMG_2001b Kites and sailboats on a warm sunny October day on the Columbia
lewpatrick86: Water...not required.
atgc_01: T-38 flyover
dccradio: Small Yellow Flower.
arthuralex: IMG_1296a An 1865 Portland OR company.
dccradio: Group Of Trees.
dccradio: Green Leaves With Evening Sunlight.
dccradio: Leaves.
Flickr Goot: Moon Sliver at Sunrise
Martin Hrablik: IMG_2175
atgc_01: evening walk
kostolany244: Week 10
Lexi La Mer: 20191101-IMG_0574
kostolany244: Day 346
arthuralex: IMG_1284a 2 digit phone #
JdRweb: Naaldboskoraalzwam / Ramaria eumorpha
JdRweb: Geweizwam / Candlesnuff fungus
JdRweb: Houtpantserjuffer / Willow emerald damselfly
Hummer Commander: "Beach Buggy"