HiZmiester: Wendy’s Aiea Hawaii , 2020
HiZmiester: 49ers Aiea , 2013
silvrmn: Mr. D's - Mike Grills Double Cheeseburgers
silvrmn: Mr. D's - Exterior
silvrmn: Phil's - Making a Fatso
silvrmn: 'Big Baby Combo' #2 - The Hat. Two hands full of succulence.
silvrmn: New Fatso's on Clybourn + Racine
silvrmn: The Hat
silvrmn: Putting the Char in Char-broiled
silvrmn: #14 'Big Baby Burger' Combo - The Hat
HiZmiester: H&T Burger, Aiea Hawaii. 2019
HiZmiester: Wendy’s Restaurants, Hawaii. 2019
HiZmiester: McDonald’s Kalihi , 2019
HiZmiester: Burger King , Kaneohe Hawaii; TERIYAKI WHOPPER, 2019
silvrmn: American Burger at The Burger and the Butcher
HiZmiester: H&T Burgers , Aiea HI, 2019
HiZmiester: TERI Burgers and Teri fries, H&T BURGERS, Aiea HI, 2019
HiZmiester: BBQ kai, Waianae Hawaii, 2019
silvrmn: Top Notch Beefburgers - Double Cheese
silvrmn: Maillard Tavern - 'The Classic'
silvrmn: The Burger Point "The Dirty South"
silvrmn: The Stop Along (interior)
silvrmn: The Stop-In Burger
silvrmn: Red Hot Ranch Double Cheeseburger
silvrmn: Muskie's Charburger w. fries
silvrmn: Burger Point - The Dirty South
silvrmn: Fatso's - Double Cheese Fatso with Everything but Onions
silvrmn: Double Shroomburger - The Burger Point, Chicago (Pure Umami)
silvrmn: Charcoal Delights - 1/4-lb. burgers on the grill
silvrmn: Charcoal Delights - 1/4-lb. burgers on the grill