smashey: Out on a Limb
PEEJ0E: Backyard Buds
Michael LaCroix: Sleepy Dog
PEEJ0E: And now we sleep.
brian.jones524: Doggie Pals
PEEJ0E: This dog is hardcore.
PEEJ0E: My best bud...
PEEJ0E: Ready to play!
PEEJ0E: Peaceful
smoketronics: New Dog in Town
smoketronics: Thandie
PEEJ0E: He’s A Keeper
PEEJ0E: Summer Haze
TheKSquared: The Break
PEEJ0E: Hot hot hot!
TheKSquared: DSC00077
stephubik: stormwatch
smokeynev1: Bunnings Love shanti
~ Jessy S ~: Eyes
Janinegh21: Selfie
smokeynev1: Shanti enjoying another beautiful day out bushwalking in mother nature and taking in all the energie
~ Jessy S ~: Gizmo ~ Petzval Lens
PEEJ0E: Basking in the morning sun...
railbar2014: BEACH WALKERS ❤️
PEEJ0E: Booster Seat
nollynutkins: We had to say good bye to Jasmine today. She was funny, Demanding ,but always a lovely dog. We always took her on holiday. From the Isle of Wight to Yorkshire. Day trips to local villages. She loved castles.
PEEJ0E: 🎵 I always feel like somebody’s watching me. 🎶
PEEJ0E: Catching Some Z's