junibears: Traditional Christmas
junibears: She had the face of a Madonna
classic_film: 1952 Ad, Johnson's Baby Lotion, "All-Over Baby Skin Care"
junibears: Dreams of Autumn..
junibears: Your Spoon My Lady...
junibears: The Bear necessities
junibears: Watching..
nickant44: Patina - International Truck
junibears: Singing in the Rain..
junibears: Garden of Tomorrow
junibears: Yesterday..
classic_film: 1977 Beauty Ad, Clairol Hair Appliances
junibears: Well behaved women..
classic_film: 1972 Ad, Amtrak Trains & Credit Cards
nickant44: Austin A90 Atlantic Covertible - yellow
classic_film: 1985 Ad, Animal Designs on Back to School Sportsweats, Pretty Blonde in Sunglasses
classic_film: 1974 Ad, Mohawk Artisan Carpets, "Black Magic"
junibears: My Always
junibears: Her name was Lola ..
junibears: Preparing to be a Beautiful Lady..
junibears: Three Graces
Ted Potters: Het is kermis met de botsauto op het dak in Roermond (Hinzen)
Rosa Tomé: rosa blanca
classic_film: 1977 Car Ad, Buick Opel
junibears: Love in all Seasons
classic_film: 1971 "Extra" For Teens Only Feature, Celebrities News Headlines (2 pages)
classic_film: 1965 Playboy Ad, Sir After Shave, with Wild-Looking Brunette
junibears: The Rose..
nickant44: Austin