classic_film: 1949 Beauty Ad, Toni Hair Wave with New Spin Curlers, with Identical Twins
junibears: Ivory and Lace 2
Le Photiste: Ford F-100 Towing Truck 1953 (6617)
nickant44: Ford c1958
nickant44: Royal HH Typewriter
junibears: Bad Hair day ?
nickant44: 1926 Rolls Royce
junibears: A Visit to the Art Gallery..
junibears: Old Madrid..
junibears: Beautiful Blue Eyes
junibears: 4 Budgerigars...
junibears: Magda
lorenzomazzetti53: Anni '50 - Aratura nei campi dei Frati Camaldolesi vicino alla Mausolea
robert X-100: a 1967 Jag 340.
junibears: Dreamy Days
YourCastlesDecor: 4TH Of July Pink Picnic
junibears: Rhapsody in Blue..
Fotofricassee: ALL ABOARD! 'Cept, this train don't carry no gamblers - no high crap-shooters, no midnight ramblers!!! This train is bound for glory; if you want to get to heaven, you've got to be holy!!!....
nickant44: Delivery Truck 2
classic_film: 1971 Beauty Ad, Binapil Cream Depilatory, Pretty Brunette Shaving Legs (lengua española revista)
Fotofricassee: It's complicated.
Le Photiste: Studebaker Champion Sedan 1950 (7398)
junibears: Stories..
Le Photiste: Swallow Doretti Roadster 1955 (7674)
nickant44: Harley Davidson Deluxe
nickant44: Kermit's Vintage car
nickant44: International Harvester - Rusty Truck
nickant44: Rolls-Royce
junibears: The Blue Dress
nickant44: Holden FJ Ute 13