Under The Dust: Hôtel Wellness
=Anubis=: Panemunė Castle | Panemunės pilis
=Anubis=: Manor House Of Veliuona | Veliuonos dvaras
Under The Dust: Moulin Bon Pain-0110
Under The Dust: Moulin Bon Pain-43468
Spencer Means: Urn planter, Meeting Street, Charleston, SC
Spencer Means: Wired: Hancock, Maine
Under The Dust: Flying Gelataria-0064
jsmaur: Paolo Soleri-Vietri sul Mare-Ceramica Artistica Solimene -1953
silviaalejandro: Ventana con carácter
silviaalejandro: shattered
Under The Dust: Maison Police-5062
Irina Boldina: Anna Akhmatova Literary and Memorial Museum of Fountain House
Spencer Means: Leaded glass window by then-resident D. Maitland Armstrong in a frame by Stanford White, 58 West 10th St, Greenwich Village, New York City
YourCastlesDecor: softening with pink
Spencer Means: Window boxes in November, Charleston, SC
Aloneunderholder: Closed for good
Under The Dust: Château des muscles-0005
=Anubis=: Klaipėda
Spencer Means: 148-150 West 11th Street (1836), Greenwich Village, New York
Michael S Knight: Building, London
=Anubis=: Nida | Lithuania
Spencer Means: 48 West 12th (1854), Greenwich Village, New York
leavingorbit: Through the window, into a window reflecting windows ...
Under The Dust: Manoir Annabelle- An abandoned house somewhere in Belgium
darkfoto9: Rear entrance door in Skouloukou building
darkfoto9: Traditional door, Nicosia, Cyprus
darkfoto9: Blue Windows