Gilli8888: Cresswell Bay - April Surf B&W
Josep Reverendo: Amigues 4 / Amigas / Friends
Josep Reverendo: Pidolaire 2 / Mendigo / Beggar
stefkas: goldilocks
Keraman B&W: Conversation of Trees (7/8)
Neil. Moralee: Decibels.
Keraman B&W: Conversation of Trees (1/8)
G.Gallone: Tre Trulli
Neil. Moralee: We all need haircuts.
mario.zupanovic: At The Iron Gate
~simona: morning routine
BlackLeaf Photo: Playing in the Sand
Wayne G Nelson: Tree & Tracks 2.0
softboneflicks: Nikon Sweaty Bread at the Glory Hole.
Jeskulaij: Bloom 2
softboneflicks: Nikon Holy Santa Strata
northernscape: The rocks of solitude
buenkje: Gentle Beams
iSmiff: R0076
iSmiff: R0087
EGHPhotos: Love is in the air - the kiss
Guillaume Birraux: Rue Saint-Honoré, Paris
Ody on the mount: What do you see...
Philippe Lekeuche: Countryside in belgian Picardie
matetronic: UNESCO Welterbestätte Museumsinsel