Frankhuizen Photography: Sunrise at the Wadden Sea II
chapmanrl69: Turnabout
chapmanrl69: Experimentation on an older photo.
David Cucalón: On the rocks
atone13: A fine young Conifer
atone13: An elderly Oak Tree
atone13: Betula Pendula
atone13: Carved wooden Hedgehog.
atone13: Carved wooden Badger by South Lake
Frankhuizen Photography: Blue hour at the Wadden Sea
atone13: A final look back across the South Terrace before...
Frankhuizen Photography: Purper sunrise
Frankhuizen Photography: Eierland Lighthouse
atone13: Gunnera Manicata (Giant Chilean Rhubarb)
atone13: View showing the relationship of the house to the South Lake
atone13: Front Fascia of the House, from the west.
atone13: East fascia of the house from the Upper Terrace.
atone13: Another view of the South Terrace.
atone13: A glimpse through the trees of........
atone13: Typical Ornamental Plinths.
Frankhuizen Photography: A family sunset
Frankhuizen Photography: Meerbaansblaak
ashpmk: Oregon Waterfall!
atone13: A juvenile Fox
ashpmk: Down in the valley!
Dan de Bran: streets of athens II
atone13: View across the pond from the Obelisk side
atone13: Charlie, a Tuxedo cat.
Dan de Bran: streets of athens I