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J Zachary: 204/366 - Holding it together
marianna armata: aspen leaves and tiny shrooms
R. Van Wallendael: Begonia pendula
pancolar user: this is salvia pratensis
J Zachary: 203/366 - Droplets
BGDL: Scary Sparkles!!
Light Collector: Orange Rings
pancolar user: table linen
alisonhalliday: Spotlight on the cards IMG_4316
alisonhalliday: A line of trains (Our Daily Challenge - begins with "T" IMG_4298
marianna armata: Autumn, your bones are showing.
gecko47: Berry Nice!
jopperbok: Tomato Red
The Philosophical Fish: Toad Lily (298/365)
Manuel Barroso: Damselflies mating - Acasalamento de libelinhas
alisonhalliday: Our Daily Challenge - Two. Knitting needles and wool IMG_4468
alisonhalliday: Someone took a bite out of Autumn IMG_4387
SaZiRi: Mantis religiosa (female)
alisonhalliday: Laurel and Hardy driving away, towards their next misadventure. Crazy Tuesday - Rear View. IMG_4482
The Philosophical Fish: Bright Beads (297/365)
J Zachary: 199/366 - New real estate
Virginia Rivers: What is this?
Rosmarie Voegtli: Raindrops are falling ....
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