Algie Moncrief: 20200802_001847 Eggscape #19 (with orb)
Mary Wardell: 2020-08-06 Walking in the dahlia fields!
lclower19: Stages
auntneecey: seaweed
lclower19: Paired
R. Van Wallendael: Anemone x hybrida
alisonhalliday: Sunny yellow flowers IMG_3441II
The Philosophical Fish: Sweet Summer Season (218/365)
VisualEyesit: Everyone needs a guardian angel
J Zachary: 146/366 - Brown butterfly
BGDL: Lenses Taken With A Lens!!
btusdin: Wooden matches in paper matchbox
lclower19: One Down
auntneecey: aglow
alisonhalliday: A busy bee IMG_3600II
mcginley2012: Magical Mushrooms.
R. Van Wallendael: Chichorium intybus
Mary Wardell: 2020-08-04 Checking out the waves!
The Philosophical Fish: Just a Lowly Weed (217/365)
lclower19: Fading Echinacea
Algie Moncrief: 20200802_001851 : 120 Pictures in 2020 : #7 Avian
BGDL: Pleasant Smells!
auntneecey: peppercorns
gecko47: Simply Red
The Philosophical Fish: Sugar peas (216/365)
alisonhalliday: Red berries IMG_3597
Keizerphoto: Tiny tree
Keizerphoto: Tiny red
BGDL: Why Not!?