Al Garb: Beside the hiking trail
Kanga-Lorraine: Angry Sea
Mark S Searle: Common Blue (M)
_szimplansrac_: Eurasian Spoonbill portrait
Phil's Pixels: Cool View
Andrea Moscato: Downpatrick Head (Ireland)
F d C: Full moon over the Serengeti
gusdiaz: Dear ocean
SkyeWeasel: One Eye on the Rainbow
Dino Langis: Barn in the Snow
Phil's Pixels: Fine Morning
Don's PhotoStream: Never Give Up on Something that Makes You Smile
mgirard011: Fjord du Saguenay (Anse-de-Tabatière)
Pana53 - the photographer: Gänsegeier (Gyps fulvus) - Portrait
Lourdes Santos Bajo: Valle de Bujaruelo
PATRICE OUELLET: The Crystal Forest (La Forêt de cristal)
Honey Buster: Dazzling Sun dahlia
Art by Ada: Before sunset….
mark.paradox: The city that defeated the flooding
Travel by ubuc: Australia
ramerk_de: Long shadows of history
Stan Smucker: Morning View
isteeves: Morningstar Mill in Winter, Thorold, Canada
Art by Ada: Anthurium
Art by Ada: Winter
Christina's World : off & on: The Carefree Days
Andrea Moscato: Downpatrick Head (Ireland)
Pana53 - the photographer: Venedig - Venecia - Venice - Old town