coldwater wimp: Skirt and legs
Jazz Sandoval: Geometría abandonada. Tahiche, Lanzarote, febrero 2015.
RAMUBA: ABSTRACCIONES (Casabermeja-Malaga )
Un jour en France: Comme deux jumelles
Oscardaman: 933. A moment in San Francisco # 398 - San Francisco Skyline 21
riccardo.vfoto: _DG14127
Domikawa4: Waiting for the bus ...
chinese johnny: All our dreams are done
quentinmirabelle: les yeux miroir de l'âme
malessaart: Early morning in the garden
Laurent TIERNY: Premières fleurs de lin...
Irene2727: Where there is love there is life. ~~Mahatma Ghandi
géraldbattistini: Toscana 2018
Márk Borbély Photography: Láthatatlan jövő / Invisible Future
Marc Alhadeff, +200.000.000 Thks: Marion Firiel Thuringwethil 2019-04-173
helmet13: Cloister .
Irene2727: To waken alone in a strange town is one of the pleasantest sensations in the world. ~~Freya Stark
Jin Mikami: nagano fall
Márk Borbély Photography: Vakító fehérség / Blinding whiteness
heinzkren: Early Morning
jarle.kvam: IMGP3515-Edit
francis_bellin: Trompe - l'œil.
Foot Loose 2012 (Greg): Reflecting-on-Shadows-and-Light_84A3114-1