Dave_Lawrence: Snow Petrel---Pagodroma nivea
Dave_Lawrence: Southern Giant Petrel---Macronectes giganteus
ashahmtl: 0P7A7479 Blackpoll Warbler, Canada
P. Stinson Photography: Male Northern Red Cardinal
ricardo00: lesser goldfinch finds some thistles to eat
thomassylthe: talons down
stanlupo (Thanks for 5,000,000 views): Fox Sparrow 2 12_2_22
material guy: red-breasted merganser
Tony Richards 2: Fairy Tern (Sternula nereis)
rickdunlap2: Blue Jay posing...
Gf220warbler: Solitary Sandpiper
Gf220warbler: Solitary Sandpiper
Doug Greenberg: Yellow-rumped cacique
mnolen2: Leucistic American Robin
rumerbob: Eastern Bluebird Male.
DL_Dietz: Mallard #3 - 2021-04-26
DL_Dietz: Stream Along Deer Run Trail #2 - 2019-11-16
Bill Halladay: Western Bluebird
Bill Halladay: Red-winged Blackbird
DL_Dietz: Eastern Chipmunk #5 - 2022-03-20
DL_Dietz: White-Tail Deer #38 - 2020-06-07
DL_Dietz: Eastern Chipmunk #6 - 2022-07-09
Tj & Jo: Purple Finch (F)
rsheath76: Intensity.
Carlo Parravano: American Kestrel - with lunch
greensteves: Aquatic Clubhouse
beeton_bear: Flamingo_WEB_F4A4195
rwa757: Backyard Birdwatching
tanman2: Green-winged Teal