Klaus Ressmann: WinterTrees3.jpg
BC_CS5: Gone to the Beach
the muted south: IMG_0448_bw
vertblu: bold and simple
BC_CS5: Sunset on the Spit
snomanda: Inclinations
BC_CS5: A Pile of Rope
Muse poétique: « De là un bizarre martellement des falaises et l'affouillement profond de la côte. » Victor Hugo
Mindaugas Buivydas: a home of pure sorrow
snomanda: Fret
Barrie T: Versailles
Mark Walton1: Dying amaryllis
BC_CS5: Thick Fog on the Coast
vertblu: lines and directions
tuvidaloca: Senecio inaequidens (intended botanical portrait)
BC_CS5: Ridge Path, Gearhart!
Klaus Ressmann: WhiteRule.jpg
Jo Evans1 - off and on for a while: A Valentine's Day heart in a pool!
BC_CS5: Driftwood Encounter #18
Mark Walton1: Dying tulips
Klaus Ressmann: MountainView.jpg
Muse poétique: “Gardez le mystère, il vous gardera.”
BC_CS5: Seascape XL (40) B/W
Mark Walton1: Middlesex Filterbeds
Jo Evans1 - off and on for a while: Happy memories of summer gone!
Klaus Ressmann: WinterFields.jpg
butts97: Bed & sheets, Newton, Mass.24892