Tom Mortenson: Great Horned Owl
cleberairan: Child's Play
johnaschmitt: doe at rest
Michael Loyd 1: Great Gray Owl
Geckoo76: Black-tailed godwit , Limosa limosa , Northern lapwing , Vanellus vanellus
Geckoo76: Black-tailed godwit , Limosa limosa (1)
lorpete: Graphic Flutterer Dragonfly
johnatkins2008: Grey Heron 06/02/23.
klaus.p13: Habicht (Accipiter gentilis)
Miss-Louly (Thanks for the 1,7 million views): Canard morillon femelle... (à voir en grand)
-jon: 2010-06-11 Bald Eagle (02) (1024x680)
GabyKiss: Leopard posing in laziness
Xx7trey: Bearded carpenter ant (Camponotus subbarbatus)
a.cheerful.texas: pelican portrait
a.cheerful.texas: flock of turtles
a.cheerful.texas: pelican on a wooden pole
a.cheerful.texas: tiny birds
a.cheerful.texas: vultures on a rooftop
a.cheerful.texas: brown pelican on dock pilings
Chris Kilpatrick: Grey Heron
Nick Dean1: Aythya collaris ♂ ♀ (Ring-necked Duck) pr.
Franck Zumella: a Redwing - une Grive Mauvis
anatoleperd78: Buse à queue rousse - Red-tailed Hawk
Geraldine Geraldine: Buse variable (France, dépt Vienne, 02/23)
cirkel der natuur: Zwartbonte koeien
Geraldine Geraldine: Au galop !! (France, dépt Vienne, 02/23)
Geraldine Geraldine: Rougegorge familier (France, dépt Vienne, 02/23)