jamison42166: Sunrise at Sidecut Metropark, Maumee Ohio
Emory's photos: Beachview1
jamison42166: Old Barn
jamison42166: Williamsburg on the river
klh1332: Taylorsville Lake
klh1332: Badwater Basin With Mountains
jamison42166: Mary Jane Thurstin State Park
jamison42166: Providence Metropark
christineperry1: Up the Creek
jamison42166: Sunset at Whitehouse Village Park
Emory's photos: Skytree1
christineperry1: Loch Ard Reflections
jamison42166: Wenig Farms
jamison42166: "Rennies Rose"
Hank888: Anse Takamaka, Mahe, Seychelles
Le Photiste: Kanzel am Jochpass - Germany (elevation 2,207m) (141000590)
christineperry1: Stormy Weather
I'm OK Jack: A cool morning light... (From my deck in C’wack)...
Hank888: Storm Ciara, Flood Waters
Luisepiernas: Vista panorámica Del Valle en Almiruete.
jamison42166: Lamb Center Sidecut Metropark Maumee Ohio
jamison42166: First "test shot" Loxia 35F2 Biogen
Jan van der Linden, Winterswijk, NL: River Ijssel floodings 14-02-20
Emory's photos: dorothy3
jamison42166: Historic Locks Sidecut Metropark Maumee Ohio
jamison42166: Historic Locks at Sidecut Metropark
jamison42166: Nona France Quarry
jamison42166: Sunset in the farm field