hy147: Hinterm Horizont ...
Fernando Forniés Gracia: Por las calles de Füssen
chinese johnny: Why are you right when I’m so wrong?
Giancarlo Lalsingh: Underneath All Currents
chinese johnny: If there’s been a fool around, It’s got to be me
Fernando Forniés Gracia: Por las calles de Füssen
Dan Josephson: IMG_2428
K.a.J.a: Ready?
Mister Blur: Full of love (EXPLORED)
Melodyphoto3: sisters
Rubén Gil: The end
chinese johnny: If I can make you see
Fernando Forniés Gracia: Hohenschwangau desde Neuschwanstein
AlexMakushin: Nastya
Nguyen-Dang Tung: Sapa hidden in cloud.
chinese johnny: I don’t understand why
Cassi L J: Harry and Joyce Mowder Scovill. 1930’s.
Fernando Forniés Gracia: Neuschwanstein
chinese johnny: How can you love me?
chinese johnny: You know you make me cry
Fernando Forniés Gracia: "Chispea" sobre Múnich
Cassi L J: Young dancer Karen S. 1940’s
Milan Cvetanovic: I'm Too Sexy For My Fur
kevin63: Theda Bara with Wrist Watch
Fernando Forniés Gracia: Marienplatz, Múnich
Cassi L J: Aunt Joyce’s wedding. 1930’s vintage.