Fernando Forniés Gracia: Neist Point Lighthouse
chinese johnny: If you don’t believe there’s a price
chinese johnny: down my leg
chinese johnny: With the juice running
chinese johnny: of forbidden fruit
chinese johnny: I bit into the root
nitram242: Sears 61st & Western Chicago Store
Marie Dashkova: renaissance
MGness / urbexery.com: relax don't do it
Fernando Forniés Gracia: Chanonry Point
vicsdiscovery: When you find a place
nitram242: Sears Portrait Studio Western 61st
nitram242: Sears Americas Best Selection
Kelvinkccheng: New Downtown Costa Mesa
Kelvinkccheng: 580 Anton
Fernando Forniés Gracia: Atardecer en Sariñena
nitram242: Chicago Sears Roebuck 6153 Western Closing
nitram242: Sears Decor Sales & Stank
Giancarlo Lalsingh: Sing What I Can't Say
Fernando Forniés Gracia: Paisaje con ababoles
Fernando Forniés Gracia: Parque Natural del Cabo de Gata